Cryotag Skin Tag Remover

Fast, effective & safe skin tag removal

With Cryotag, you can now remove irritating or unsightly skin tags quickly, effectively and safely at home, leaving you with healthy looking skin.


Cryotag removes skin tags in as little as one treatment*. Most skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks.


Cryotag is clinically proven**.

With its precision tip applicator, Cryotag instantly freezes the skin tag to the core.


Cryotag is very safe. It uses the same freezing technology as doctors and dermatologists and due to its precision tip applicator, Cryotag targets only the skin tag itself, leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

There’s no need to have the cost or inconvenience of a private clinic, or experiment with unpleasant or potentially unsafe DIY options. Buy Cryotag now and try it for yourself!