Cryotag Skin Tag Remover

Skin tag removal with Cryotag – how it works

Cryotag skin tag remover applicator

Cryotag skin tag remover works using cryotherapy which is the same trusted technology as used by doctors and dermatologists.

The term cryotherapy comes from the Greek cryo meaning cold and therapy meaning to cure.

World leading manufacturer in skin tag removal

Developed by a world leading manufacturer with 20 years experience in cryotherapy and skin tag removal, Cryotag is clinically proven** and instantly freezes the core of the skin tag, which destroys the tissue and causes the skin tag to fall off, in as little as 1 treatment*.

When the applicator is applied to the skin tag, the skin tag base will turn white within seconds as a sign that it is being frozen. The treatment will feel very cold which is normal. Most skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks, leaving you with a healthy looking skin.

Skin Tag removal at home

Skin tag removal at home is now fast, easy and effective with Cryotag. Treatment takes just seconds, and in most cases a single application is all that is needed to remove the skin tag.

There’s no need to have the cost or inconvenience of a private clinic, or experiment with unpleasant or potentially unsafe DIY options. Buy Cryotag now and try it for yourself!