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Does exactly what it claims

I would just like to say this product is amazing. After one application on quite a large skin tag on my neck it came off easily after one week. Thanks for a terrific product. It’s not very often a product does what it claims. Cryotag certainly does!

B.F. 21/06/2024


Definitely Recommend

Yes I would definitely recommend this product.. and even more so now that the NHS will not undertake this kind of treatment, and it is obviously expensive if you go to a private clinic. I have had success with a number of skin tags in various places on my body. So yes, do try it yourself and you’ll be pleased with the results!!
R.D. – 02/05/2024


Put up with a tag catching for years on my neck, used this and gone within the two weeks. I fully recommend. I was sceptical at first with mixed reviews, but it did work. First the head shrunk and became scaby, that then dropped off and the root did the same. Now all gone bar a slight mark that’s fading. As for pain, it all depends on your threshold to be honest, after first applying you knew you had done it but wasn’t painful.

Amazon Customer – 10/03/2024

Same as NHS

This is the same as your doctor would use Very simple to use great results
Amazon Customer – 22/01/2024

It works

I’ve had two tags for over 30 years and this removed them perfectly as per the instructions. Perfect skin left.
Julian W. – 20/01/2024

Great results

Bought to remove an uncomfortable skintag. Followed the directions and within a few days the skintag had gone. Wish I had known about the product sooner!
Vicky R. – 01/12/2023

So easy to use!

I’ve never been one to review products online as I never get round to it but I feel like I have to with this for the sake of other people struggling with skin tags. I was obviously very skeptical to see if this would work and seemed too good to be true as I have always hated the skin tags on my neck/back.

After first use, it was very easy to use and required around 40 seconds on each skin tag for it to work its magic. After a few days the skin tags turned a very dark colour and was still unsure at this point if it would do the job. After 1 week, the skin tags reduced in size and just fell off! Sound like a school boy in a sweet shop but I was absolutely amazed and delighted to see them not there anymore! My neck is now as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
Highly recommend!1

Amazon Customer – 24/05/2021

Simple and Painless!

I ordered this with some speculation, I really didn’t think I could have got rid of the unsightly skin tag on my neck. Its simple and painless to use (a little cold for a few seconds but worth it). Be patient, mine disappeared in just over 2 weeks and now I’ve got rid of the others. I would have paid hundreds of pounds at a skin clinic for this and it cost hardly anything to do it at home.1

Wendy Nightingale – 23/05/2021

Easy and effective!

Very easy to use. Very effective. Some larger tags take more than one treatment however follow the instructions and it works as described.1

Vicky Lou – 11/05/2021

Watch Anthony removing his skin tags in just 2 weeks

Watch Ella removing her skin tags in just 10 days


This product made me confident to take off my shirt!

For the longest time, I’ve had a revolting, saggy skin tag on my left shoulder. It made me feel very self conscious and finally I decided to look into removal. I found this product and decided to give it a go based on the reviews.

Due to the size of my skin tag, it took a while but a couple of weeks after one treatment it suddenly became sensitive and hurt a little bit when it rubbed against clothing. The next morning, it was black and deflated. Playing with it gently later on, it just fell off. Essentially I paid twenty quid to eliminate one of my biggest insecurities, so the value for money is great.1

AP – 12/10/2020

Effective and quick treatment

Love it. Saved a trip to Drs. Easy and safe to use. Use it on a skin tag. Quite a few treatments left in the can.1
Nick – 22/08/2020

Sorted my Skin Tag as it promised

The product was easy to use and it sorted my skin tag out as promised within the two weeks1
Brian Reddecliffe – 07/08/2020

So pleased

Purchased this to remove two skin tags. Easy to use and not painful. So glad I didn’t pay privately to have the skin tags removed and tried this first.1
Amazon Customer – 21/06/2020


I have recently tried your product… What can I say other than…. WOW. It’s fantastic. Neck skin tags have become a real embarrassment for me lately. After trying Cryotag I can honestly say it’s brilliant.1
AT – 20/04/2020

Works well but be patient!

It took me a little while to get the results I wanted as the skin tag was small and difficult to catch with the provided goals fix tweezers. After freezing it with the product, the skin tag very curiously stayed in place and I felt disappointed to have wasted £20. HOWEVER, the next day the tag was gone! The product worked.. but in its own time. Will definitely try again if I have any more tags and have already recommended it to a friend. Good value for money and cheaper than a visit to the dermatologist.1
Amazon Customer – 02/04/2020

Super Effective

I got this to address two tags in my armpit and they’ve just healed up! I struggled with the application on the second one, as it wasn’t in a very accessible place, so it might be good to have someone help you out. It’ll be way easier that way.
They took just under two weeks and I found the pain to be a little uncomfortable in the days before they drop off but the results are great and I’m quite happy.
Would recommend!1

Amazon Customer – 30/03/2020

It Works

This honestly works. I was quoted hundreds of pounds from a doctor to remove them so I thought I’d try this first. It was a bit uncomfortable for a week then they literally turned black and fell off. And now I feel more confident they’re gone1
JS – 14/03/2020

Excellent Results

Very easy to use, very little discomfort.
By far better result than the treatment carried out at the doctors.
No sign of growing back either.1

Amazon Customer – 24/02/2020


This was amazing- had a problem skin tag for a few months which I thought I would have to have removed professionally.
Tried this and 3 days later it is no longer here !!
Easy to use, one application and it turned black overnight, shrunk over the next day and then fell off.1

Amazon Customer – 19/02/2020

Bye bye Skin Tags

This worked a dream! Bye bye Skin Tags!1
Amazon Customer – 13/01/2020

Brilliant Product

Brilliant product.. i had 3 skintags under my armpit area which looked unsightly.
Used this product and within 2 week all 3 dropped off..1

Amazon Customer – 21/12/2019

Minimal Stinging

Worked after one use on a large skin tag. Minimal stinging during use and tag fell off within 24hrs1
Amazon Customer – 11/10/2019

Good product to remove skin tags

Good product to easily remove skin tags for a decent price.1
Amazon Customer – 14/11/2018

Disappeared after a week

Tried a few different remedies over the years. Disappeared after a week using this. Amazing1
Amazon Customer – 29/09/2019

Great Product

A great product, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. You may need a second pair of hands to help with application, but this would obviously depend on where the skin tags are! I applied it to 12 tags and within 13 days I have one tag left to drop and another that will need a second application. You can feel it when applied but there is no discomfort upon application. It does become uncomfortable when the tags start to dry, but this would happen no matter what method you use. I would recommend this product highly, great to have on the market now that skin tag removal is not available on the NHS.1
T.S. – 23/08/2019

Works as well as professional cryotherapy

I have had professional cryotherapy and I have to say that this was just as good. Very pleased with the results.1
Amazon Customer – 10/05/2019

Good buy

Marianne – 13/04/2019

Great product

Great product and easy to use.1
Amazon Customer – 13/04/2019

It Really Works!

Great product. Actually works. Takes a few days to look like it is doing anything but then drop off.1
Mrs K – 16/03/2019

Wonder product thank you!

I have never written a review before but I wanted to share how amazing this product is. I had a large tag in a very visible place it was affecting my self confidence and had 3 trips to the doctor about it. I was nervous about using this product but after 2 applications the tag has died and it has gone. I really want to thank the makers of this because it has actually given me confidence back. Thank you so much. Fantastic product 5 stars.1
Mrs M – 02/03/2019

Couldn’t believe it actually works!

Works like a charm. It took my skin tag just a little over 2 weeks to fall off after just one application.1
Amazon Customer – 14/02/2019

Does what it says on the tin

Fantastic product!! Had 12 skin tags for about 3 years. This product removed all 12 in less than 2 weeks. Incredible!!1
Amazon Customer – 03/02/2019


Simply destroys skin tags in 2 weeks / 1 application1
Daniel – 27/01/2019

Good purchase

Worked after 2-3 goes on my 2 skin tags Didn’t hurt, easy enough to do.1
Mrs K – 18/01/2019


I was honestly really sceptical about this, didn’t know if it was going to work or not. I’ve had a cluster of skin tags on my neck for over ten years and was told by a doctor that the only way I could have got rid of them would be surgically by a dermatologist which would have cost a lot. I used this treatment ONCE and within a week all of the skin tags were gone. I was so conscious before but this has changed my life. Such an amazing product, it may seem a bit scary in the instructions (I was worried about not doing it right) but please if you have skin tags you have to buy this. Incredible- thank you.1
Grace B – 06/01/2019

Very surprised it worked 10/10

Didn’t think it would work but within 4 days I was tag free!1
Sarah – 31/12/2018

It worked for me!

I must admit, I was a bit sceptical but I’m glad I went ahead with the purchase. I had a very annoying skin tag which kept catching on clothing and 12 days after using this product, there is hardly a mark showing where it was.1
Shaun – 16/12/2018


Amazing done the job!1
Ben – 13/12/2018

Huge Skin Tag Gone!

Got rid of skin tag that I had for years was the size of a Rice Crispy!

Shrivelled up and went black and fell off within 5 days.1

Amazon Customer – 01/12/2018

Removed tag in less than 10 days. Brilliant!

Wow, this worked ever so well. I had a large tag and it came off within 10 days with this leaving nothing there. Some applications did hurt a little but not really painful. Easy to use and if I need this again would not hesitate to buy.1
Amazon Customer – 30/11/2018

Good skin tag remover

Works a treat. Sometimes requires a couple of treatments.1
Vad T – 10/10/2018

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