About Cryotag

Find out more about Cryotag, how it works and how fast and effective our skin tag removal kit is from the comfort of your home

Treatment takes just seconds, and in most cases a single treatment is all that is needed to remove the skin tag. Most skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks *.

There’s no need to have the cost or inconvenience of a private clinic, or experiment with unpleasant or potentially unsafe DIY options. Cryotag costs less than £2 per treatment so why not buy it now and try it yourself!

How does Cryotag work?

Cryotag Skin tag remover works using cryotherapy which is the same trusted technology as used by doctors and dermatologists

The term cryotherapy comes from the Greek ‘cryo’ meaning cold and ‘therapy’ meaning to cure.

Developed by a world leading manufacturer with 20 years experience in cryotherapy and skin tag removal, Cryotag is clinically proven** and instantly freezes the core of the skin tag, which destroys the tissue and causes the skin tag to fall off, in as little as one treatment.*

When the applicator is applied to the skin tag, the skin tag base will turn white within seconds as a sign that it is being frozen. The treatment will feel very cold which is normal. Most skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks, leaving you with healthy-looking skin.

Skin tag removal in 4 simple steps

You can now freeze away your skin tags quickly and safely in just 4 easy steps with Cryotag Skin Tag Removal freezing kit.

Before use, please read the instructions leaflet provided inside the product. You can download the leaflet by clicking the button here.

Step 1

Attach the precision-tip applicator by firmly twisting it into the opening on the bottom of the cap.

Step 2

Place the canister on a table or other sturdy surface. Insert the precision-tip applicator with the cap into the canisters shield. Keeping the canister upright, press the cap all the way down for 3 seconds. You will hear a hissing sound.

Step 3

Remove the precision-tip applicator and the cap from the shield, and hold with the tip facing down. Wait 15 seconds to allow the applicator tip to reach the correct temperature.

Step 4

Grasp the skin tag with the tweezers provided and gently pull it away from the base. Then apply the precision-tip applicator to the stalk of the skin tag for 40 seconds.
Remove the precision-tip applicator from the cap and discard it after usage. Retain the canister, cap and remaining precision-tip applicators.

Watch our how to use video

Skin tag removal has never been so easy with Cryotag. Watch our video to find out how to remove skin tags at home.

Is Cryotag right for me?

For skin tags to be treated with Cryotag, they must have all 4 of the following characteristics:

Location of the skin tag

The skin tags must be located in one of these 5 locations:

• On the neck
• On the chest
• The underarms
• On the back
• On the groin

Skin tag colour

The skin tags need to be similar in colour to the surrounding skin.

Skin tag shape and feel

The skin tags must be soft and flexible. You should be able to move them back and forth with your finger. They must also be raised above the skin and connected to the skin on a stalk or stem like a piece of skin.

Skin tag size

The skin tags must be 2mm to 6mm in size.

If your skin tag does not have all 4 characteristics, or you are still unsure whether you have a skin tag, please consult your doctor in case you have a more serious skin condition.

While Cryotag can be used by lots of people, it is not suitable for everyone

Cryotag cannot be used if you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation, if you have or ever had any type of skin cancer. It is also not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or under 18 years old. To see the full exclusion list, please read the FAQ section.

Before use, please read the instructions leaflet provided inside the product.

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